Teaching Experience

Primary Instructor: 6/16-Present

– COMM 101: The Mass Media, Fundamentals of critical and humanistic communications research/theories
– COMM 102: Media Processes and Effects, Fundamentals of social scientific communications research/theories
– COMM 371: Media, Culture, and Society, Upper-level writing course focused on critical cultural media theories
– COMM 404: Video Games: Culture and Industry, Upper-level lecture on the history of the video game industry and the various cultural impacts of games
– COMM 405: Media and Masculinities, Upper level seminar on theories and representations of masculinity
– COMM 993: Seminar for Instructors, Pedagogy seminar for first-time communication instructors

Head Graduate Student Instructor: 8/13-5/14

– Led team of 4-5 GSIs, including new hires; acclimated team to the process of planning classes, teaching weekly labs and grading submitted materials
– Wrote all lesson plans for weekly, 2 hour lab sessions
– Created grading rubrics for all assignments and ensured consistency across different class sections
– Served as main point of contact for all student questions in 160-200 person lecture
– Ensured communication between professors, GSIs and students ran smoothly

Graduate Student Instructor (GSI): 1/11-5/16

– Overall

– Taught weekly labs or discussion sections
– Developed lesson plans, in-class activities and assignments
– Reviewed class material and answered student questions
– Proctored exams and graded all submitted materials

– Specific Classes

– COMM 101: The Mass Media, Winter 2012, Winter 2013, and Winter 2016: Fundamentals of critical and humanistic communications research/theories
– COMM 102: Media Processes and Effects, Winter 2011: Fundamentals of social science communications research/theories
– COMM 211: Evaluating Information, Fall 2011: Research methods in the social sciences
– COMM 271: Communication Revolutions, Fall 2016: History of communication and media technologies, and their significance to structures of power and cultural development
– COMM 351: Media Industries, Fall 2012: Critical exploration of media industries and the impact of media industry organization and practices on society

Guest Lecturer

– COMM 101, Gaming and Play (3/31/16)
– AMCULT/SAC/COMM 334, Playing the Right Character: Being Female and a Gamer in the Post-Casual Era of Gaming (2/3/16)
– COMM 271, The Evolution and Impact of Video Games (11/10/15)
– COMM 101, Video Games (4/9/13)
– COMM 351, The Video Game Industry (10/3/12)
– COMM 101, Internet and New Media Lecture (4/17/12)

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