Courses Taught


  • J314: Intro to Media Studies
    • Upper-level lecture on the history of media studies and its key theories
  • J410: Media Studies Research Methods
    • Upper-level lecture on qualitative and quantitative research methods
  • J648: Cultural Approaches to Communication
    • Graduate seminar on critical cultural studies as applied to media and communication


  • COMM 101: The Mass Media
    • Fundamentals of critical and humanistic communications research/theories
  • COMM 102: Media Processes and Effects
    • Fundamentals of social science communications research/theories
  • COMM 371: Media, Culture, and Society
    • Upper-level lecture on the historical rise of mass media and its impact on modern society and culture
  • COMM 404: Video Games: Culture and Industry
    • Upper-level lecture on the history of the video game industry and the various cultural impacts of games
  • COMM 404: War & Popular Culture
    • Upper-level lecture on the role of popular culture in shaping perceptions of war and history
  • COMM 405: Media and Masculinities
    • Upper level seminar on theories and representations of masculinity
  • COMM 993: Seminar for Instructors
    • Pedagogical seminar for first-time communication instructors

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